Eyelash Extensions

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What Are Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions?

They are individual extensions made of a synthetic material to look like perfect natural eyelashes; thicker at the base and thinner at the tip with a slight curl. They come in many different colors; the most popular is Solid Black. They are adhered one by one to a natural lash with a medical-grade bonding adhesive giving the appearance of a darker, more voluptuous lash-line.

What Is The Difference Between Classic And Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lashes, driven by celebrities such as the Kardashians who seek a combination of the definition provided by classic lashes with the volume of Russian Lashes, have risen hugely in popularity.

Hybrid lashes represent the best of both worlds with a more natural, ‘messier’ look achieved that is less uniform, more like how natural lashes grow. Achieved by applying a 50/50 mix of 1 to 1 classic lashes and hand-made fanned, volume lashes. These are applied so that a classic lash is used either side to sandwich around one to two volume fans, repeated over and over until 60-90% of all-natural lashes are extended (dependent on look required).

Hybrid sets are versatile in offering a thicker, denser look than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a typical Russian volume set. Great also for staggering longer and shorter lashes for a more natural look or as a way of trying out the volume look for those classic lash clients who are unsure about a denser look initially.

Hybrid lashes are great for anyone with naturally fine or slightly gappy lashes, whereby volume fans can be placed in sparser areas to make the lash line look fuller.​

Typically taking around 2-2.5 hours for a full set, this technique is more time consuming and essentially a work of creative lash art. The lash tech selects thicknesses, lengths and curls to suit the client’s natural lashes and look desired.• Circulatory