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Is stubborn fat under the chin making you feel self-conscious? Whether it’s making you look older, heavier, or just more unhappy with your appearance, double chins can be incredibly frustrating and seemingly impossible to remedy. But with Kybella, you can achieve a structured, contoured jawline with just a few simple injections. At Ageless,  we can help you treat your double chin and get you feeling more gorgeous in no time!

What Is Kybella?

This simple treatment is a revolutionary, FDA-approved prescription medicine used to eliminate “submental fat”, AKA the fat under your chin. It is injected into the chin using a very fine needle, then it targets and destroys problem fat. Patients love it because it works quickly, is minimally invasive, and leaves the surrounding areas unaffected. It’s quickly becoming one of the most effective treatments for this issue on the market.

How Does Treatment Work?

This treatment utilizes a key ingredient called deoxycholic acid, which is actually found naturally in the body. It breaks down dietary fat in the stomach during digestion. In the case of this treatment, it is used in the exact same way but breaks down fat cells specifically in the double chin.

The product, with deoxycholic acid as its main component, is injected into the fat under and around the chin with a needle. It immediately targets the fat cells and starts breaking them down. Many cells will release fluid and shrink down to a much smaller size, while some will be destroyed completely. Then the fluid and the destroyed cells will leave the body. This process is gradual and happens naturally as part of the body’s metabolic process.

The result is a stunning, sharper jawline. Patients love that fat cells can’t regrow after they’ve been destroyed, which means the results are long-lasting. No need to keep coming back for follow-up appointments!

Is Kybella Treatment Only for the Chin?

Kybella is highly specialized in that it is used exclusively to eliminate stubborn fat under the chin. Because this treatment involves breaking down cells, it can’t be used anywhere else on the body – only the fat cells under the chin are isolated enough that the product won’t touch any important surrounding tissues. It’s both incredibly effective, and completely safe!